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Gifts By Occasion


Nowadays, handing out corporate gifts has become a conventional custom. Your best choice of corporate gift will not only enlarge your goodwill, but will also help in growing your business. 
Corporate Gifts and even small business gifts sent in a genuine manner can work well to stiff up business relationships and let clients know they are respected.
There are a lot of different occasions where you need to show appreciation to your customers acknowledges your gratitude for their patronage and encourages repeat business, the occasions may include:
• Customer Loyalty
• Customer Goodwill & Retention
• Dealer/ Distributor Relations
• New Customer/ Account Generation
Employee appreciation is not just a nice thing to do for people. Employee appreciation is a communication tool that you can reinforce the most important outcomes your staffs create for your business. Employee appreciation program may include:
• Employee Appreciation (Thank-you)
• Employee Recognition
• Employee Relations & Events
• Employee Recruiting, Retention
• Employee Service Awards
Having an effective reward program in place can help solve many of your HR issues. An effective reward program may cover the following areas:
• Incentives (Sales)
• Incentives (Productivity)
• Incentives (Safety, Quality)
• Incentives (Education, Attendance)
• Internal Promotions
PR & Cause-related marketing involving the cooperative efforts of your company and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Embracing a cause makes good business sense. Nothing builds brand loyalty like a company's proven commitment to a worthy cause. An effective PR & cause-related marketing program may cover the following areas:
• Public Relations
• Non Profit Programs
• Special Events
• Sponsored Charities
Promotional advertising is one of several advertising tools used to attract interest in a product or service by offering consumers some additional incentive to make a purchase. Promotional gifts & promotional giveaways are considered to be an effective approach to promotional advertising, which may include:
• Advertising
• Brand Awareness
• Tradeshow Giveaway
• Marketing Research
Corporate gifting is gaining prominence among business etiquettes these days. Apart from business meetings & promotional campaigns, there are various festivals, celebrations and special occasions which corporate gifting is necessary, includes:
• Festival & Celebrations
• Branch Opening
• New Location
• New Product & Service Introductions