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   PVC Favor Boxes
Square Clear PVC Box(3*3*3cm)
More than 400pcs: RM0.43
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Square Clear PVC Box(4*4*4cm)
More than 400pcs: RM0.45
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Square Clear PVC Box(5*5*5cm)
More than 400pcs: RM0.5
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Square Clear PVC Box(6*6*6cm)
More than 400pcs: RM0.55
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Square Clear PVC Box(7*7*7cm)
More than 400pcs: RM0.75
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Square Clear PVC Box(8*8*8cm)
More than 400pcs: RM0.85
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Square Clear PVC Box(9*9*9cm)
More than 400pcs: RM1.2
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Square Clear PVC Box(10*10*10cm)
More than 400pcs: RM1.5
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Square Clear PVC Box(11*11*11cm)
More than 400pcs: RM1.9
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Square Clear PVC Box(12*12*12cm)
More than 400pcs: RM2.5
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Square Clear PVC Box(13*13*13cm)
More than 400pcs: RM2.9
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