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Wedding favors
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unique and favorite!
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Wedding Favor - Diamond Ring Wine Stopper

You know that feeling you get when he's on his knee and opens  the ring box? Surprise her with that same rush of excitement when  she opens this ultra-creative gift box to find?what? An diamond ring sitting atop a bottle stopper! A simply breathtaking little gift!


Mega-carat, multi-faceted crystal stone rests in a chrome setting above the chrome bottle stopper,  each measures 10.2 cm h x 2.5cm w. Gift box measures approximately 10.2 cm h x 3.8 cm w x 3.8 cm d


Stunning gift box opens like a ring box near the top to reveal the diamond ring on a black-velvet base; exterior of box is classic black with silver trim where the box opens, around, silver appliqu?that says 'With This Ring'  the words  Diamond Ring Bottle Stopper at the bottom of the box, and a pure-white, satin bow with a gift-box charm at the top.

Additional Notes:
Quantity Price
5-100 RM7.8
101-400 RM7.2
400+ RM6.6
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