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Sample Policy

We understand how important it is to truly experience an item’s uses first hand. So in order to help you purchase with confidence, we have developed the following sample policy:

We charge a flat fee of RM25.00 for each sample request, and shipping fee is additional. In addition, most items available online do NOT ship from the same location, so when requesting a sample stress ball and a sample pen, there is a very high likelihood that each sample will require its own shipment.
The cost of shipping and handling above and beyond the initial FREE SAMPLE, regardless of the cost of the item, is the responsibility of the customer. The necessary billing information will be collected prior to shipping multiple or paid samples.
All sample fees will be refunded once the actual order is commited. We  reserve the right to refuse shipment of any sample to any party at our discretion.   
Sample BIC pens, pencils, sticky note pads, and key tags are not available. Please check your local office supply store if you need samples of these items as many of them are available on regular store shelves.
SIDE NOTE: If you end up placing a full order for one of the samples you purchase you will be refunded the item cost for that specific item.